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Order in The House

Mar 9, 2021

Pop on your headphones for our last episode of Season 1 discussing all of the wonders down under. Whether it’s trade agreements, tourism or wool we’ve got you covered on all that enters and exists our little island nation. 

Orders from the House: Check out the ‘Trade Through Time Timeline’ and listen to ‘The...

Mar 2, 2021

Roll up! Roll up! Australia’s media landscape is changing before our eyes and we need to know the 411. From the tech giants to the AAP, we discuss all the main media players and what we need to watch out for. Tune into this episode for all the tea and what you can do to support diversity in Australia’s...

Feb 23, 2021

Nelly was onto something when he said ‘It’s getting hot in here!’. In between rising sea levels and mass extinction, Pnina and Lara managed to sit down and have a chat about all things climate change. Snuggle up with your keep cup and metal straw for this episode while we break down what you need to know about...

Feb 17, 2021


More money more problems! This week Pnina and Lara are talking all things dollars and cents. We’re cutting through all the noise when it comes to the Budget, HECS and this crazy recession which we found ourselves in the middle of. 

Orders from the House: Listen to ‘Getting on with Jobs’ from the 7am Podcast


Feb 9, 2021

Australia is at the back of the pack when it comes to gender diversity. So what are the parties doing about it? From gender quotas to gender quibbles, we’re your one stop shop when it comes to the Canberra bubble. 

Orders from the House: Read The Quarterly Essay ‘Men at Work’ by Annabel Crabb and listen to Julia...